Refund Policy

We will refund the money if one of the following case occur:

  • Technical Problem: Voucher code is invalid due to our fault.
  • Received a wrong Item: received a wrong voucher code, e.g. a wrong retention or wrong service.
    • Except: The voucher codes has already been used by yourself.

We can offer a full refund (without refund fees) or the correct voucher code.


We might refund the money if one of the following case occure (handle case by case):

  • Disagree with our delivery time: you did not noticed our delivery time
  • Do not need anymore: ordered a voucher code or account but do not need it anymore
  • Ordered to much: you ordered too much and do not need it anymore

We reserve the right to decline your request or to charge a refund fee about 20% plus the payment fees for the refund payment (e.g. fees for bank wire). Please note that the initial payment fee is nonrefundable.


We will not refund the money if one of the following case occure:

  • Technical Problem: e.g. in case of speedproblems, etc. (service problems)
  • Service Bust: service goes offline or terminates the service, etc.
  • Blocked Account: e.g. in case your account has been blocked due to a violation of the terms of services. Our competence ends with delivery of an active account or voucher code.



  • Technical Problem: In case that the voucher code is invalid, etc. due to a problem on the filehosters side we will contact them and in case we will send you a new voucher code. We have to handle these problems case by case. In case of a refund request we might charge an addional refund fee. A new voucher code is free of charge.


In case of chargeback or something similar we reserve the right to charge a fee of up to 20%.

If possible we will refund the amount in your primary payment method or currency but in case it's not possible we will contact you for a solution. Please note that we refund the amount in case of chargeback, etc. in gift card only.


We accept


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